Global Fodder Solutions offer a compost supply service for clients to use in their Mushroom Modules or Factories.
Global Fodder Solutions offer a compost supply service for our Mushroom Modules and factories, in addition to this GFS can construct a compost manufacturing plant for self supply of compost in high production Mushroom Factory facilities.

GFS Supply Service
GFS recommends the use of pre spawned compost bricks within the factories. The factory manager can set up a regular delivery arrangement with GFS compost suppliers, giving them a guaranteed continual supply.
The pre spawned compost bricks are delivered, ready for mushroom growth. They are then placed in the designated growing chamber, peat is added to the tops of them and the mushrooms will soon begin to growr.
Each compost brick will grow 4-5 flushes of mushrooms before the compost is depleted and needs to be replaced. Depleted compost can be resold for uses such as on gardens and plants.


Compost Manufacturing Plants
Global Fodder Solutions can design and construct complete compost manufacturing plants to operate alongside high production Mushroom factories. This allows the Mushroom Factory to be self sufficient in regards to compost supply and eliminates problems such as availability and delays often associated with ordering goods from an external source.



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