Excel Modules

The Excel Module is a fully self contained machine. It operates completely independently of outside climatic conditions and is strongly built so it can be transported almost anywhere in the world.

The Excel Module comes in three standard sizes; mini module, 6m and 12m.

Seed is measured into trays in predetermined quantities and placed in the Excel module inlet end. Seven days later the trays of fully grown fresh fodder have made their journey through the Excel machine to the harvest end where they are removed. This continual cycle provides a constant supply of fresh fodder all year round.

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Features of the Excel Module

Temperature and air control: Our Excel Module utilises state of the art heating, cooling and air purification technology. The Excel 12 metre Module uses a dual ceiling cassette system that allows 4-way air flow to achieve 100% effective cooling to all areas of the module, whilst also removing airborne bacteria. Additional refrigeration, heating and air control is also supplied for use in specific climates. The Excel Modules can be supplied designed to operate in an outside temperature range of -25oC to + 50oC.
Lighting: Global Fodder Solutions employs artificial light to supplement natural light. Special wavelength lights are strategically positioned to illuminate the seed beds for maximum growth.
Water Management: The Excel Module is one step ahead of any other fodder system due to its unique design which allows for the recycling of up to 70% of its daily water usage. The 12 metre unit will require 800 litres per day and the 6 metre unit will require 400 litres per day. The Excel Module has a first class water filtering system which can also be adapted to allow the use of any problem water supplies such as dam or bore water

* Production Capacity: The Excel Module uses certified seed for growing in tray beds which guarantees high germination rates of 85% or better and reduces seed wastage. The Excel 12 metre module produces approximately 660kg of fresh fodder per day in a seven day cycle while the Excel 6 metre module produces approximately 330kg per day. In full production the Excel 12 metre and 6 metre modules can produce approximately 4.2 tonne and 2.1 tonne respectively, in one week.

Bacteria and Mould Prevention: Global Fodder Solutions has researched and developed a unique patented defence system to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria within our Excel Modules. The use of Chlorine or similar toxic chemicals is banned from our growing systems. Independent testing by certified testing laboratories confirms no trace can be found for any toxic chemical whatsoever and that the levels of mould and yeast in crops grown in Excel machines are at levels 95% below the allowable limits for production of food for human consumption.

* Nutrient Additive: A combination of specially formulated plant nutrients is automatically added to Excel machine irrigation systems to increase fodder germination, plant phyto-chemical reactions during growth phases, grown plant nutrition values and grass blade width.



Prices are quoted on an individual basis and are dependant on your needs. For example we need to know what outside climatic conditions are where you propose to use our machines. We have a simple form which will help you to provide us with the information we need to provide an Excel machine to achieve the best results for you. Contact us and we will be happy to assist.