Biomass Factories

Global Fodder Solutions offers design/construction of turnkey biomass factories which are custom built to produce between 25tonne and 500 tonne of fodder per day.
GFS uses state of the art technology in all aspects of the Biomass factories, to give our clients the best possible quality product achievable. Utilizing a GFS Biomass Factory allows you to become a fully self sustainable farming operation, to have consistent guaranteed produce regardless of climatic conditions and to dramatically reduce water usage.

Biyokütle Tesisi yerleşim planı

GFS biomass factories feature:
· Recycling of all water used within the factory
· No use of toxic or chlorine based chemicals
· Eliminate the need for soil
· Energy saving modes for all offline equipment
· Real time connection to GFS service and support
· SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) monitoring
· Backup systems for all critical plant and equipment
· Automated systems requiring minimal man power
· Class 100 air quality (same as in a hospital operating theatre)
· Functioning temperature range of -25°C to +55°C
Global Fodder Solutions is an innovative product striving to meet the nutritional needs of both animals and humans around the globe. Each large scale project is individually addressed by our specialised team taking into account any unique requirements that may need to be considered.
Please view our Fodder Nutritional Information page for further information of GFS fodder.
For more information on the Global Fodder Solutions Biomass Factories please see our contact page on this website.