Mushroom Factories

Global Fodder Solutions design and build complete turnkey mass production Mushroom Factories with production rates anywhere up to 1000 tonne per year.

The GFS Mushroom Factories are fully installed with air handling, ventilation and watering systems to create an optimum growing environment 24hours a day. Factories are fitted out with offices, packing areas and staff amenities as an integrated part of the design.

The factory contains a number of growing chambers which are fully enclosed and allow for a continuous mushroom supply. Numerous varieties of Mushrooms can be grown in the factories with the most common including; Button, Swiss Brown and Portobello varieties.
Global Fodder Solutions offers initial staff training and factory management with continual customer support and service available.

For more information on the Global Fodder Solutions Mushroom Factories please see our contact page of this website for your nearest GFS dealer.